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Terms and Conditions


Charter Terms: ALL REFUNDS ARE SENT VIA CHECK BY U.S MAIL NOT PAYPAL. Charters canceled do to weather (Category 1 hurricane or greater, small craft advisory, boat break down) will be refunded with in one (1) year from the date the charter was booked. Costumers must give at least thirty day (30) notice to cancel charter to be entitled refund no refunds will be issued if costumer cancels with in thirty days (30). Costumers have up to 1 (one) year from the date of cancellation to reschedule there trip. All charters are official once boat leaves the dock. Payment must be paid in full at the time of charter. If payment is not paid after charter is complete i.e stop payment on check, check bounces, credit card(s) denied or any funds denied Ocean Stinger LLC has the right to obtain a attorney to file a class action lawsuit against “said party”. Everything wrote in the above paragraphs become finale once Ocean Stinger LLC receives deposit for any charter or trip. Once deposit(s) are received this becomes a legal binding contract between Ocean Stinger LLC and costumer. Ocean Stinger LLC has the legal right to move forward if contract is broken in any way. These are the official legal binding policies that Ocean Stinger LLC sets. Ocean Stinger LLC has the legal right to obtain an attorney to file suit.